C.V. Data 0700

Things are hotting up. IJN craft are inbound for Midway in a tight search pattern. An unknown number and type of aircraft are heading due west as well.

Fighters on Midway and their move and range capabilities.

Aircraft on deck at Midway. A strike package I think can be launched from the CAP…but I need to check for you. UPDATE: 5th May-Aircraft must be spotted by a base or a ship to be intercepted. This is logical, given the vastness of the area and space and technology at hand. This means that unless a Mavis flies within search range – 3 hexes for a ship, then aircraft can pass in and around each other.

In the above pick top row Dauntless aircraft.

Vindicators next row. Buffalos and wildcats next row.

Then we have Fortresses and 2 Cats on the right.

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