is all true so far

A Most Dangerous Time.

Yes. MMP, Yes Adam Starkweather it is true. these rules are terribly organized.

Woefully written.

Unclear and down right wrong in parts.

Why are we still here then?

Dam boy look at this game! There has to be something good here right? She be Sexy.

The Designers: “Umm…ok Let us do itty bitty setup cards. That will really be innovative.”

“Duuude…Yeah and let us also place all the history about this oft overlooked, under represented era of non Western History on the little itty bitty cards too! —WOW.. I just blew my own mind! “

In chorus: “GREAT IDEA….whoooa….AWESOME.”

I think I just dropped into channeling Cheech and Chong. Oh yes, ….readers. You are old enough to know Cheech and Chong. Your eyes are old enough to also appreciate HOW FREAKING STUPID this idea is.

One more…”We wont say anywhere that those cards are not needed..hehehehehe…dam… are you hungry dude?”


Turn one to follow…….with revised rules from Mr. Starkweather.

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