Hot LZ "The Dust" part 3/3

As the smoke thickened we moved rapidly. A shout went up from all around. Hmm maybe smoke was a bad idea. Bullets came thick and fast thru the smoke to our left up 3rd Avenue. Dipshits were shooting blind….again.

As I turned to head to our destination three Tangos skidded to a halt at the intersection. They had us dead to rights. Tony, the GI name Genty and Bentz hit the dirt firing suppressing fire, while Bentz calmly took aim with his rifle. Tony took heavy fire and dropped his weapon holding his face.

I could see the guys from the relief team just 50 yards away. One had snuck up along the doorways and alcoves. He threw a ‘nade behind the two insurgents. It plunked down near them. This was gunna be ugly I thought. “Nade” I yelled. We covered up.

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Hot LZ The Dust Part 2

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Once inside, a quick inventory showed two good pieces of news. A brace of nades was found and no one was seriously hurt. Alonso came charging in with Randy our (scout), he tripped and fell face first in the remains of Crazy 8’s demolition party.

“Dam it…..come on 8’s you dip shit. Why you do that amigo? Whats wrong with your gun? Why you gotta be blowing people up all the dam time?

Despite the volume of fire we all burst out laughing…hysterically. We were alive for now.

The bad news was we had no exit. Except 2nd Street were we came in. The shouts outside were getting louder, the Tangos knew too, they always did.

“8’s while your blowing holes lets go that way like a hawk to Yankee zone. “ I pointed straight thru the wall behind us.

He got to it. As he leaned against the wall listening he signed 2-3 Tangos . “ok fellas room clearing lets roll. Hit it 8’s. “ Bentz our sniper took a covering position at our newly created entrance and Randy covered the other window.

I rolled through with 8’s as the sound and dust made the entrance nothing like the training rooms, but we knew instinctively our covers and angles. Before any of the insurgents of them could turn they were down, with popped melons. Ammo was going to be precious for the next 30 minutes. Especially after being in the field all day we were real tight on ammo.

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